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Word on the Street

  • thumb1 Margaret H. Hartshorn, Ph.D, Chairman of the Board Heartbeat International, Inc.

    David Mahan plays a tremendously valuable role in the pro-life movement at the local, state, and national levels. As the administrator of one of the largest state funded, school-based sexual health educational programs in Ohio, connected to a local pregnancy help center PDHC, David and his team of dynamic teachers influence students, teachers, and school systems. His experience makes him a national expert on sexual risk avoidance programs for a wide range of pro-life, faith based groups. David is a role model for at risk young men, African American youth in particular, which has called him to found and lead creative youth programs, some of which are resources for pregnancy center clients who desperately need skills and mentors. His own personal story of choosing life and marriage as a teenager, and then raising an outstanding family, not only gives him credibility in the pro-life movement, it also makes him a tremendously motivational speaker for fundraising events, seminars, and conferences. His family is living proof that a life choice affects generations! Not many leaders in the pro-life movement have so many gifts -- entrepreneur, administrator, teacher, mentor, motivator. When pro-life organizations need a spokesperson for a secular setting (press, schools, community, legislators) David gives them tremendous credibility. And, in the Christian community, David's faith, hope, and love shine through, making him a true inspiration!

  • thumb1 Dr. Marlene Carson, Founder of The Switch National Anti-Human Trafficking Network

    If I had to describe David Mahan in one word it would be, Disrupter. Listening to David as he Educates, inspires, and empowers individuals from different sectors has been one of the most rewarding times in my life. David has the ability to bring uncommon wisdom and cultural change to any audience.

  • thumb1 Mark Hundley, HS Teacher

    I just introduced David as the best guest presenter I have had in 30 years of teaching. I have had many and he is the best.

  • thumb1 Alicia NewburyHS Teacher

    One of the best weeks of the semester each year is when David comes in to speak! Most speakers come into my classroom with a “cookie cutter” approach. David is different. It is obvious that he cares about the topic and cares about each and every student in my classroom, and wants them to understand what he is presenting. When I listen to a speaker, it is pretty obvious to me which ones speak because it’s their job and which ones speak because they believe in what they are saying and they care… Without a doubt, David believes and cares! I have had numerous students stay after class and want to discuss with David personal issues they may be going through. So many students talk about how interesting the guest speaker is in health outside of class. Some of the other teachers have asked me about the speaker because they are hearing good things from the students. I have even had one of our assistant principles come down for 2 days and listen to his presentation. She loved him and thanked me for continuing to bring him back into our building. Thanks again, and we look forward to having you back next year.

  • thumb1 Revered Tim Latiff, Director of the National CURE Clergy Network, Center for Urban Renewal and Education- Washington, D.C

    David Mahan is one of the leading voices of this generation. He is one who demonstrates what he speaks and is one of great character and integrity. David has been blessed with the rare ability to speak to young people from the most challenging communities across the country, to the most powerful men and women on Capitol Hill. At CURE, David has partnered with us to fight poverty and promote the values of faith, freedom and personal responsibilities. David practices what he preaches, and his life and family is proof of it. Your organization will be better and stronger partnering with David Mahan. I highly recommend him for your next event.

  • thumb1 Pastor Les Bowling, Columbus, Ohio

    David Mahan is a Christian leader that stands on the frontlines for Christ with discerning insights into the root issues that plague our society today. Coupled with pragmatic strategies, he offers solutions in real time that makes a difference. His passion and cause oriented focus make him a effective leader for such a time as this.