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Youth Development: Frontline Style!

Frontline youth programs are customizable support services that are specifically designed to help youth organizations engage, equip, and empower their students through the use of classroom and assembly presentations, experiential learning, and community service projects. Topics addressed include the prevention of teen pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases, avoidance of high-risk behaviors, healthy relationship development, and servant leadership, all of which are key components in preventing the issues outlined later in this document. Our mission is to help as many youth as possible develop the knowledge, skills, and character necessary to build a legacy that they can be proud of.

Using creative and cutting-edge resources and engagement strategies such as music and video production, school assemblies, student-led outreach projects, community rallies, camps, conferences, missions trips, college visits, leadership retreats, and job shadowing, Frontline programs can be easily integrated as an augmentation to existing community or school-based programs.

The PeerPositive System:

Frontline's online program management system

Based on his D.I.A.L. Approach to Positive Youth Development, David created the PeerPositive System to help organizations develop their students into effective peer leaders. While youth organizations generally provide a wealth of valuable services, this web-based tool enables them to effectively integrate their various program components and provides a method for incentivizing responsible behavior. In addition to a user-friendly system of program management, rank, and evaluation, the PeerPositive System utilizes innovative online resources and the power of positive peer pressure to prepare youth to engage, equip, and empower their peers.