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The Mahan Family: From TRIAL to TRIUMPH!

As with so many children, David and Elese had to navigate their own childhood through the obstacles and consequences of their parents poor choices. The physical abuse, substance abuse and poor relationship and financial choices that mingled in with the well-meaning intentions of their parents, made for an often challenging and conflicted childhood. Then came their own poor choices, which led to them becoming teen parents.

After struggling with thoughts of suicide and abortion, they chose to get married in 1994 and raise their baby girl Jessica the best they could. With only a high school education, no money, and Jessica sleeping in the bottom drawer of her great-grandmother’s dresser, David and Elese turned to the Lord for hope and direction. Twenty years and a whole lot of prayer and hard work later, the six member Mahan family is thriving and serving the Lord together. Two poor, African-American teen parents, somehow raised four brilliant children with exemplary character, who would all rank in the top of their classes: 4.0, 4.3, 4.6 grade point averages, a mentoring program, thousands of hours of community service, GE/Reagan and merit scholars, a neuroscience degree, double majors…

With God’s help and a strong community of faith, we were blessed to achieve outcomes that many of the public schools in our area could not, and all from the kitchen table of our modest inner-city home! David and Elese have a passion to see children and families walk in the freedom that comes from knowing Christ, and get back on course to Building legacies that they can be proud of.